Core Istanbul Call for Application

Core Istanbul Call for Application 
Core Istanbul - The Arabic Business Hub In Turkey Launches a Startup incubation program to support MENA youth in Turkey to build their startups. 
The program lasts for 6 months, and works to enable participating startups to enter the market. 
The program provides technical and consultation support provided by our experts and specialists in the Turkish and international market. 
The program includes: 
- Idea Validation. 
- Market Research. 
- Business model. 
- Designing business plan. 
- Marketing plan. 
- Investment and resource management. 
- Financial and legal advice. 
- Investment opportunities.. 
The program includes: 
- Providing a free workplace to the incubatees in our co-working space for a period of six months. 
- Link our incubatees to a network of entrepreneurs and experts from inside and outside of Turkey. 
- Holding Meetups between the Incubated Startups and entrepreneurs from the market to share their experiences. 
- Providing consultations by our experts and specialists network in all stages of developing the incubated startups. 
- Connecting our successful incubated startups to our network of venture capitalists. 
Program stages: 
1) Application form 
2) Bootcamp 
3) Incubation stage 
4) Demo Day 
5) Post incubation 
The incubation program for startups at Core Istanbul lasts for 6 months, but your journey with us will not end with the end of the program as we will support our startups whenever they need it. 
Applying to this form is the first step to enter Core Istanbul Incubation Program. The qualified candidates will participate in the Bootcamp, which will be the gateway to the incubation stage. 
Start building your startup with Core Istanbul - Business Hub