Core Istanbul signs an agreement with 8 investors to support Startups in the incubation program.

During the past week, Core Istanbul concluded agreements with 8 Arab and foreign investors in Turkey to support the incubation program launched by them. These agreements came as a result of a series of consultations and sessions with investors that took place in Turkey / Istanbul in order to support Arab business incubators that Core Istanbul wants to launch for Arab youth in Turkey. Core Istanbul has gained the confidence and support of investors, and received an explicit promise from them to provide investments for successful companies that graduate from the incubation programs that Core Istanbul is working on. The investors also pledged to provide lectures and participate in consultancy sessions for young entrepreneurs in the workspace in Core Istanbul, in order to network with them, transfer expertise and experience, and open opportunities for mutual benefit between all parties. It is noteworthy that Core Istanbul, since the beginning of 2021, has continued to build its own network of investors to support the startups it incubates, in order to enable them to penetrate the market.