Announcing the imminent launch of the incubation program at Core Istanbul.

Core Istanbul announced the imminent launch of the largest Arab business incubator in Turkey, which will target 40 Arab startups in Turkey annually. Abdul Aziz Jiyad, Director of the Incubation Program at Core Istanbul, said, "The countdown has begun for the launch of incubation activities in the largest Arab business incubator in Turkey, which began its preparations since the end of 2020." Jiyad added: "The next three months will witness the launch of the Applications to apply for the incubator, which is the first stage of incubation, and then the other stages of incubation, such as the bootcamp, workshops and training sessions, which will last for six months, until the day the projects graduate." It is noteworthy that Core Istanbul is the largest Arab center for entrepreneurship in Turkey. It was officially established in early 2021. It provides a program to incubate 40 startups annually, in addition to conducting workshops and events in various fields to enable Arab youth to develop their skills in the market, as well as providing 60 work tables, with fully equipped meeting rooms and training rooms.