Agreement with 15 experts and entrepreneurs for the training in the incubation program.

Core Istanbul announced that it has reached an agreement with 15 experts and entrepreneurs who will provide training in the workshops of the soon-to-be-launched Startups Incubation Program. Abdul Aziz Jiyad, Director of the Incubation Program at Core Istanbul, said today, Thursday: "An agreement with 15 experts and entrepreneurs from inside and outside Turkey, to provide training sessions and advice to the incubatees in Core Istanbul Incubation program, which will be launched within the next two months." Jiyad explained: "This agreement came after a series of discussion sessions with specialists to select the best experts to achieve the desired results of Core Istanbul Incubation Program." The incubation program at Core Istanbul targets youth of the Arab community residing in Turkey who own startups that need development and preparation to enter the market, and Core Istanbul incubates 40 startup projects each year.